Rejection emails can have a bright side that we are not utilizing.

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Have you ever experienced that heartbreak when you are waiting to hear back from your recent interview, only to be hit by a no-reply rejection email? Or even worst ‘Unfortunately, we are moving forward with other candidates’ Or simply just getting ghosted.

I have always taken rejection emails personally. I dive into a company, understanding the values, team structure, and culture. I get invested and feel hopeful about the outcomes, only to get hit by a no-reply rejection email without any feedback or closure. It feels like someone broke up with you without giving you any closure. You are only…

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Junior designers rarely get any shot to prove themselves in the work field, so when they get that chance, they try wholeheartedly to prove themselves and try not to make any mistakes. Often these mistakes made as a junior designer are the ones that contribute to your long-term growth in the field. I have compiled a glimpse of the lessons learned as a Junior UX Designer, and how it’s different from expectations.

1. Understanding that the design process is not Linear

The design process doesn’t always start at research and end at implementation, and then you can iterate starting from research and re-definition again. Designing for real people is…

If there were no constraints, no limitation; what would you build as a UX Designer to make an impact?

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It all started when my team gathered together to think about a problem space where UX design can have the most impact, make someone’s life a little easier. As a team, we had the freedom to choose the problem we wanted to tackle, and had the control on how we want to build a new solution and explore potential strategic partnerships to support that solution.

Client: I Love NY ( — Time-Frame: One-week — Role: UX Designer — Tools & Techniques: Card Sorting In Person,, Quantitative Analysis.

Part of Close-sorting


The reason why I titled my article “It Depends” because of all I am about to talk about depends on other factors, there is no set way to do things.
It is an ambiguous process that requires looking at other factors and wearing your user shoes on. I talk about information architecture and my process in trying to organize the global navigation of I love NY.

Identifying Issues:

I first conducted a design review that helps in identify usability…



Client: New York Cares — Team-Size: Four members. — Time-line: 11 days
My Role: UX Designer/ Researcher.

My team and I were hired by New York Cares to review and identify existing usability issues. We had eleven days to evaluate the site, research the problem space, conduct research, ideate solutions, and test these solutions. I speak about the experiences in identifying these issues, the challenges of working in teams, and the best methods to help manage these team conflicts. I also shed some light on the importance of paper-prototyping and its significance to this project.

About New York Cares:

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I was assigned this individual project by General Assembly for my UX Immersive boot camp, to integrate a new feature into an existing mobile application that will help busy students at General Assembly with an aspect of time management. I had six days to go through the UX Double Diamond Design process, re-iterate and deliver a successful mid-fidelity prototype that solves the user’s intended problem. Even though the tight time constraint, I had room to fail forward and along the process, I have learned valuable insights because of my failure. …

Mariyam Elshrief

A Junior UX Designer | Product Designer at Prudential Financial, Add me on Linked In

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